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LeanSigma Training

Essential LeanSigma® training and development for each stage of your journey, TBM provides the knowledge transfer needed for a company to independently drive sustainable performance resulting from its lean transformation.

TBM offers a wide range of LeanSigma training solutions to provide organizations with the necessary tools to launch and manage their own LeanSigma initiative.

We estimate that more than 70 percent of US manufacturing companies will say they have a continuous improvement initiative in place. While many companies are applying lean or Six Sigma to drive efficiency, they soon discover that these methodologies are often poorly leveraged to accelerate growth and create competitive advantage. Operational improvements don’t align with performance metrics, continuous improvement resources get reallocated elsewhere in the organization, and the program stalls. It is common for companies with existing continuous improvement programs to seek additional training and support to improve their capabilities and deliver sustainable results.

Do any of these characteristics look familiar to you:

  • Our business is changing and we have much work to do and no dedicated resources to drive improvements.
  • We are practicing continuous improvement in disconnected parts of our business but there is no formal program in place — as a result, we utilize individual lean or Six Sigma tools but we don’t have a consistent approach across the entire company.
  • We have lots of people with good CI background using a wide variety of “home-grown” content but lack a best-practices approach for the entire company. We need to either build our own library of training materials or we need to secure a stable of established training content from a proven service provider.
  • We want to train our own trainers so they can implement our continuous improvement program consistently across the enterprise. And, they’ll need the tools, training and certification to make it happen quickly.
  • We have a Six Sigma program in place but it is internally focused, takes forever to generate results, and doesn’t really help us better satisfy our customer requirements.

Because everyone’s circumstances are unique, we prefer to understand your current situation, assess your training needs, and create an approach with the right mix of program elements to complement your continuous improvement program and your existing resources.

Comprehensive Training Solutions

  • Lean training program development and delivery
  • Content development and licensing
  • Train-the-trainer, mentoring and certification programs
  • Complete curriculum of lean workshops delivered on-site at your facility
  • Anecdotal support tools including video and games / simulations
  • Online learning
  • Awareness programs for executives, managers and general associates

Contact us to learn more about how we can help you integrate lean into your global continuous improvement program and implement the training you need for the entire organization, executive leadership, continuous improvement practitioners, or trainers.

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