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Action-oriented, Implementation-focused LeanSigma

  • Substantial improvement—fast
  • Increased responsiveness
  • Sustained sales and earnings growth
  • New competitive advantage

LeanSigma® is the revolutionary fusion of today’s most powerful business improvement tools, developed, practiced and delivered by TBM Consulting Group

Using LeanSigma, you can harness the power of Lean and Six Sigma in a single, coordinated initiative – and drive rapid, high-impact business improvement throughout your company.

Lean and Six Sigma are widely recognized as the most effective business improvement tools for business. But trying to use them together often creates paralyzing confusion: How do we use them together? Which goes first? Where do we start? How long will it take? How will we know if we’re getting the right results? And for those of you already using traditional Six Sigma, you know how time-consuming it can be, with typical projects normally taking six months or more.

TBM has removed both the confusion and excess time. LeanSigma is the first seamless integration of Lean and Six Sigma – and today’s most powerful method for dramatically reducing lead time and variation, faster than ever before possible.

No matter what improvement efforts you have underway, LeanSigma can help your company drive faster, more substantial bottom-line results, in far less time.To do that, we use Lean tools to remove the unnecessary time and activity from traditional Six Sigma projects, reducing average completion time from six months or more to six to eight weeks. And then we combined the two into a single, seamless process that you can use to achieve rapid improvement.

Example in Action: A Crisis Avoided through Using the LeanSigma Methodology

One of our clients supplies packaging systems for dispensing food products. In one year, a large, brand-name customer received 30 complaints regarding leaking boxes. Even though that represented a miniscule percentage of the 30 million systems shipped, and a quality level far in excess of Six Sigma, the customer wanted our client to correct the problem quickly to avoid negative reviews on social media sites. Historically, above-Six Sigma quality in manufacturing is expected only in products where the safety of the consumer is at risk. However, the rise in widespread social media commentary is putting pressure on manufacturers in consumer products supply chains to seek higher levels of quality to protect their brand reputations.

The team used a Sigma Kaizen process (combination of Lean Kaizen and Six Sigma analytics) to identify the root cause of the defect. Each plant conducted Design of Experiments testing to determine optimal machine settings to produce an injected-molding part within a narrow band of tolerable acceptances.

What was likely to be a cumbersome project with a large scale investment of time and resources was actually resolved in a matter of months. We worked with the client to stop the leaking valves and delivered results as follows:

  • Restored customer confidence through communication about the project and ensuing results.
  • Committed to the same process for future problem solving for the client’s customer.
  • Each plant can now use their own tooling and equipment to produce a part within a very close tolerance band and avoid leaky valves.
  • The client restored confidence with its large customer and is now able to proactively focus on growth-oriented activities instead of a recurring challenge that would disappoint both consumers and their biggest customer.

TBM can also train your staff of continuous improvement professionals by providing LeanSigma Green Belt and LeanSigma Black Belt certification to groups of eight or more at your facilities or at a centralized training location in our Durham, NC office. Our training approach provides hands-on, experiential learning opportunities for your LeanSigma practitioners on site, at your facilities, addressing a real-world problem that exists in your company.

“How many consulting firms unconditionally guarantee every aspect of their work? TBM is the only one I know of.”

Tim Powers
Former CEO and Chairman of the Board
Hubbell Incorporated

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